Teton Reserve. Your base camp to life.
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are few of the most frequently asked questions about Teton Reserve:

What is Teton Reserve? - Teton Reserve is a Hale Irwin designed golf course project geared toward affordable living.

Is the golf course completed? - Yes.

Are there memberships available for the golf facility? - Yes. We limit the number of season passes to ensure the best golf experience for our pass holders. Visit the Golf Course link in the menu to get more information about passes.

Do you get a membership with the purchase of a property? - Not at this time as the course is public in nature and affordable.

Is there a special golf rate for owners of property and/or residents? - Not at this time as the golf, being public, is very affordable.

Are there protective covenants? - Absolutely. You may view them on our website at www.tetonreserve.com, under HOA and CC&R’s.

Is there an architectural control process? - Yes, you may also view this criteria on our website at www.tetonreserve.com under HOA and CC&R’s.

Who are the utility providers? - Silverstar Communications, City of Victor, and Fall River Power are the main providers.

How much are the HOA fees? - $720 per year.

What are the HOA fees taking care of? - Please review our budget on our website under HOA.

How much are property taxes in Teton Valley, Idaho? - Teton Valley Idaho has a Homeowner exemption that fluctuates. Teton Valley, ID is also a non-disclosure state, meaning that it is up to you to inform the assessor of your purchase price for property. The county bases their tax standard on appraised values. Please go to www.tetoncountyidaho.gov for further information about how to calculate your property taxes.

These “Questions & Answers” are meant only as a convenient summary of the frequently asked question about the Reserve Club, and should not be relied upon for the purpose of deciding to join the Club. The complete Membership Plan is available in the Membership Office at the existing Teton Reserve Welcome Center.